Tracy Tomlin G.C. delivers completed projects that are sure to satisfy. Our goal is to realize your dreams through quality craftsmanship and to keep you at ease throughout the entire project. 

Tracy tomlin

Tracy Tomlin – As President and Owner of Tracy Tomlin General Contracting, Tracy has over 30 years of firsthand knowledge and expertise in the construction industry. Beginning at a young age, he held jobs in framing, roofing, and project management while growing a passion for home building and familiarizing himself with all aspects of the process. Tracy founded his own company in the early 90s and started his career in custom home building, later expanding his focus and branching into commercial construction. Throughout the years, Tracy has continued to make client satisfaction and outstanding quality his top priorities. He works closely with his customers to develop a trusting relationship and ensure that each unique goal is met in a timely manner, while going above and beyond to bring their vision to life.

Trace Tomlin

Trace is the Vice President of Tracy Tomlin General Contracting. He, too, developed a strong interest in building during his early years while visiting and later working at custom job sites as he grew up. Trace graduated from Texas A&M University in 2016 and earned a bachelor’s degree in Construction Science. He has over 7 years of experience in a broad range of construction sectors including industrial, higher education, K-12, office spaces, and custom homes, managing projects from $1M to $30M in value. Trace oversees all projects from start to finish, attentively monitoring each step with objectives and timelines in mind, to guarantee smooth and successful completion.